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Control & Energy Saving Systems

Control Systems Energy Saving Systems

Control Systems

Control SystemDrive Systems can provide

  • Fixed and Variable speed drives for pumps and fans
  • Control panels and cabinets designed for specific applications
  • Percolating filter bed drives and control.
  • Evaluation and design service for dissolved oxygen control for activated sludge plants
  • Power factor improvement and energy savings
  • Complete installation both mechanical: cabling and electrical supplies.
  • Lighting, heating and ventilation.
  • Commissioning and after sales.

Control Panels
Control panels are designed for specific applications and to relevant BS standards and practices incorporating manual or automatic control of the drive or process. The Variable duty imposed on pumps make them ideal for speed control providing substantial energy savings with acceptable pay back periods.

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Energy Saving Systems

Energy Saving System Energy saving by operation of a motor and its load at a speed lower than the possible maximum is one specific area which continues to be very popular, with capital payback periods of under 12 months being feasible. Pumps being controlled with throttling valves and fans with damper control are the most fertile areas from which energy savings can be reaped. Experience shows that all systems employing these crude control techniques give excellent results when modernised. A most dramatic illustration of the massive savings potential available was produced when an inverter was recently fitted onto a cooling pump on an aluminium rolling line. Full pump output was required only when rolling was in progress, a period of 1 - 2 hours per day. The pump lost its prime if switched off, however, so short circuit pipe work on the pump output was introduced to allow continuous running. The power consumption when running short circuited was approximately 30 Kw.
When an inverter was introduced and the short circuit running speed was controlled to a speed where pump prime was just maintained, power consumption decreased to under 3 Kw.

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