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Special Features

Provision is made for automatically reverting to jet reaction propulsion should the electricity supply to the control panel fail, thus ensuring continuous treatment, albeit at the natural jet reaction speed. This is achieved by automatic releasing of the drive belt tension. When the supply is restored, the drive is re-engaged and the distributor runs at the previously set speed.
The drive is torque limited to prevent damage should the arms be obstructed or to prevent injury to personnel who may be the cause of the obstruction. This torque limitation is achieved by setting the belt tension so that the belt slips at a pre-determined torque.
Reaction guide rollers are introduced to ensure no side thrust is imposed on the drive ring, and subsequently the distributor bearings.
The drive transmission can accommodate vertical movements of the distributor arms caused by unequal loading due to flow variations.


Over 35 years experience and knowledge of manufacturing variable speed electrical control systems. We provide fixed and variable speed drives, control panels and will commission and install both the mechanical equipment and electrical supplies, as required.

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