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Services Drive Systems has recognised the need, not only to provide products and packaged control systems, but also to provide an installation and commissioning service which includes site cabling and the provision of heating and ventilation, ensuring optimised performance from the plant provided.

Drive Systems' site programme includes installation of both mechanical and electrical equipment on prepared foundations. The service is not complete without the inter-connections to items of equipment, involving cleating of cables to walls or secured to cable trays or run in ducts, as the case may be. Lighting, heating, ventilation are a natural extension of this work.

Drive Systems can provide

  • Fixed and Variable speed drives for pumps and fans
  • Control panels and cabinets designed for specific applications
  • Percolating filter bed drives and control.
  • Evaluation and design service for dissolved oxygen control for activated sludge plants
  • Power factor improvement and energy savings
  • Complete installation both mechanical: cabling and electrical supplies.
  • Lighting, heating and ventilation.
  • Commissioning and after sales.

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